Instant Tax Solutions Can Help Taxpayers who Owe Back Taxes
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IRS Debt Resolution Experts, Instant Tax Solutions, Offers Taxpayers Insight on the Government Mandated Statute of Limitations on Collecting Back Taxes.

Instant Tax Solutions complaints postings sighted on Are they real?

No. It appears that is being unfairly used as a weapon against Instant Tax Solutions, with complaints claims planted by someone other than a consumer. Instant Tax Solutions understands complaints claims on sites like these may be legitimate, however, these particular rants are not posted by taxpayers who have ever spoken with Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints allegations are being used to target people seeking tax relief to draw them away from the services of Instant Tax Solutions.

Taxpayers have rights, too. The IRS is legally bound to release persons from tax debt after a specified period. ITS says it is usually 10 years from the original assessment date. This statute of Limitations is referred to as the Collection Statute Expiration Date (CSED).

False Instant Tax Solutions Complaints Posted on Web

Instant Tax Solutions staff says complaints logged on websites across the net are posted by an unknown person who has inaccurate information about the company. The Instant Tax Solutions complaints are vague, with no dates or other specific information. It is unclear as of yet who posted the issue. Complaints by real customers are always handled with the utmost care; they are never left to escalate to the point of anonymous web postings.

The CSED is one way that a professional tax debt resolution firm, can help a taxpayer settle their debt to the government.  According to the experts at Instant Tax Solutions, the law is not set in stone – there are instances where the government can still collect debt that should have expired. Taxpayers may forfeit the CSED if:

  • Taxpayer voluntarily signs a waiver allowing the IRS a time extension
  • Filing bankruptcy
  • Creating an Offer In Compromise
  • If the Taxpayer completes Form 911-ATAO (request for assistance)
  • Requesting a Collections Due Process Hearing

Taxpayers near the ten year deadline, can request tax transcripts directly from the IRS. These transcripts contain the original tax assessment information. This information allows the debtor to determine his or her collection expiration date.

When Instant Tax Solutions complaints started showing up online, founders Byron Pedersen and Ian Woodman began searching their personal case files to locate the “client” whose claims sought to cast a shadow over Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints found did not offer any information matching previous or current clients of the firm. Upon further investigation, it was determined by the team at Instant Tax Solutions that complaints were aimed at the owners personally. It’s not known whether the Instant Tax Solutions complaints were posted by an individual such as an ex associate, or were more of a business nature, like a competing firm.

Instant Tax Solutions stresses that the IRS doesn’t proactively inform taxpayers when they have reach the CSED. There are steps the taxpayer must take, to request the IRS stop sending collection notices. Taxpayers have a legal right to represent themselves to the IRS, but most financial experts agree that an IRS debt resolution firm,  is a smart choice if a great deal of money is concerned. Instant Tax Solutions’ staff of tax attorneys, former IRS auditors, CPAs, Enrolled Agents, and other tax professionals is available for a free consultation by calling (888) 703-6395.

Do you want the truth about Instant Tax Solutions complaints?

If yes, please read on for further data regarding Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints previously made to the Better Business Bureau – two total – are all considered resolved. Instant Tax Solutions’ complaints response time is always very quick; they are currently unaware of any client whose problem has not been addressed and resolved to the best ability of Instant Tax Solutions. Complaints, however, have been spotted online. According to the team at Instant Tax Solutions, they originated from an unnamed person who appears to be posting on behalf of a rival tax firm to lure clients away from ITS.

Instant Tax Solutions began in 1998 with a staunch commitment to aid and educate people suffering from IRS tax debt. Today, the firm employs nearly 50 client advocates with more than ten decades of combined tax experience. Rated A+ by the BBB since its inception, Instant Tax Solutions is still treating each client with the same principles of loyalty, passion, and integrity in which founders Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman founded the company.

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