Instant Tax Solution- number one top tax firm in the country
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Are you struggling with your taxes?  If yes then you need help.  It is important that you have someone to help you with your taxes before submitting to the Internal Revenue Service because penalties ilwl be added if there is a mistake on your income tax.  You will not know it now but it will […]

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Instant Tax Solutions – we are on the right tax firm
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There is nothing more that we want is to have no debt to think about and no more problems to take care to the Internal Revenue Service.  By getting the service of Instant Tax Solutions that wish may come true.  With the help that you can get from Byron Pederson and Ian Woodman as well […]

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Effective IRS Communication
In Effective IRS Communication | on 07.17.12 | by

Communication is the key to having a productive dialogue with the nation’s revenue service department. According to Instant Tax Solutions, hundreds of thousands of Americans contact the IRS each year. Most of these people hang up the phone feeling exasperated and a little uneasy. Instant Tax Solutions understands the frustration and confusion – they hear […]

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Instant Tax Solutions Answers Questions About Payroll Taxes
In Payroll Taxes | on 06.06.12 | by

In today’s Q and A session, Instant Tax Solutions – one of the nation’s leading providers of tax relief – offers information on the subject of payroll taxes. Q: What is the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty? This is the amount the IRS takes into consideration on money missing from taxes collected per employee payroll checks. […]

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IRS Installment Agreements
In IRS Installment Agreements | on 11.11.11 | by

Instant Tax Solutions Stands Ready to Help Taxpayers You owe money to the IRS, and you want to better understand your options. Instant Tax Solutions is here to help. With a nationwide clientele, Instant Tax Solutions specializes in helping taxpayers navigate the tricky taxpaying process. The IRS is warning taxpayers to be careful and Instant […]

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Instant Tax Solutions Can Help Taxpayers who Owe Back Taxes
In Owe Back Taxes | on 11.02.11 | by

IRS Debt Resolution Experts, Instant Tax Solutions, Offers Taxpayers Insight on the Government Mandated Statute of Limitations on Collecting Back Taxes. Instant Tax Solutions complaints postings sighted on Are they real? No. It appears that is being unfairly used as a weapon against Instant Tax Solutions, with complaints claims planted by someone other […]

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Instant Tax Solutions Warns Taxpayers of the Risks Associated With Unreported Income
In Risks Associated With Unreported Income | on 10.03.11 | by

The end of 2011 is fast approaching, and while most haven‘t given it a second thought, Instant Tax Solutions is already gearing up for the tax season. Instant Tax Solutions Recognizes the Propensity to Leave Things Out Most people are honest when completing their tax forms. However, there are those individuals that either refuse to […]

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Offer in Compromise and Severe Hardship
In Offer in Compromis | on 05.24.11 | by

An Offer in Compromise authorizes the Internal Revenue Service to reduce the amount of tax liability owed to the IRS by a taxpayer. An Offer of Compromise will enable the IRS to reduce the tax penalties and fees associated with that debt, says Byron Pedersen, co-founder of Instant Tax Solutions. Instant Tax Solutions is a […]

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